Monday, February 23, 2009


Everything already seems antiquated, computers look like difference engines, jumbo jets like bi-planes, space craft like log rafts. Call centres are like chimneys, funneling black smoke into the skies, the smog of industry, the cogs of the world as industrial as ever, still fresh from the furness, sparks fly from the anvil, set fire to the touch paper of kind and snuffed out by the wind, blown toxic with the oposit of ideas, whistling across the crust, drying out into the cracks of a desert, baked in the suns photons, particles so fast and from so far that we can see the past, every day up to the billions, the infinity of physics the anums of science. Tomorrows light may be the last. Todays possibilities are endless and ending, futile and irrelevant to every form of measure, brain physics, the smallest you can imagine, infinate in it divisible proportion, as vast as the skies and as deep as the darkness of space, around us and inside, above us and below, circling in function demistified by sense, common like the sea, the fusion of ideas, the next billion years, a state not form too me.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tide Lines

I stood on top of a mountain
Sore shoulders and aching feet
Eyes wide and filled with sky
A vision of the past hung from the clouds
Scattered like rocks from a shoreline
Ripples cascading into on another
Even mountains can move in water
I could see the past and the future
The hope and dispare
I could hear a promise
We live in the valleys

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Perfect While Falling

I think the snow has brought me back
A cold compress on swollen facts
A white page with lines in black
A blank stage, walked boards and cracks
A cold sign gives a half fact
A stalked future in paper hats

Monday, February 02, 2009

A Beautiful Sunset

I need something to breath
Something to cut through the heat
Because I have come to rely on love

And it's leaving me undressed
Cut down in the wake of an actress
Boiled in the heat of a sunset
I have become heart less

I can not take the time to listen to what I've felt
Distractions are fine
But they are forcing me to melt down inside
The chalise of our love
The sweetness of our love
Purified by the heat of the sunset
On the street when we last met
I have been caught on fire

Listen to me
There is nothing to speak of...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Oh Sweet Purple Puddle

Oh sweet purple puddle
You don’t taste like drugs
But you set straight my muddle
From the vessel of mugs

From my day bed I struggle
Common like the sense
The door is a jar
The sea is a fence

Hence the sneezing is blessed
With sweet purple defence
As I ride on the crest
Of past and present tense

But oh sweet purple majesty
Your drugs are well hid
You stay and play and jest with me
Like illness never did

Friday, April 21, 2006

Flat Fuckin Fizz Bangers

The sink spills furry foam
The stink fills up the home
To drink pills and not your own
Shown in sparkling chrome
We roam this hall

Tall tails, exports of truth
Small-scale increments of youth
Turn tail and short tooth
Uncouth peerless sleuth
Talk booth for soaring wills

Boring bills clawing still
Ignoring chills kill the thrill
Their pills to cure the ill
Full fill trip and spill
Windmill upon the walls

These halls abide the sick
Abode the spare tide is thick
The square side is slick
Kick the whoring hicks
Magic tricks defy the skies

Flies are buzzy around the shit
The fuzzy soaking in the spit
Those busy minds will admit
And knit a fine coloured mitt
Fit for the grim pill

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Our Beautiful Snow Cave

Sat in that room I found myself spare
Nothing to say but much to declare
Snowed in by the elements that we had born
To prevent our selves from travellin on

Many a cold night the powder did fall
Deeper and deeper as I recall
On that snowy land we all felt quite brave
As we dug ourselves a beautiful cave

Deep inside nothing was real
Except all we felt, all we could feel
Passing through the archways of our mind's
Leaving our children behind

Safe from the world’s harsh hand
Ignoring all that we could not stand
We played till all good sense had gone
In the flickering lights that we had left on

With winter's end came spring's yellow rain
A melting pot, a flowing drain
Leaving us bare to the sun's rays
To sift the wreckage of these reckless days

Now those snowy night have all but gone
And all is said and all is done
How much we loved our beautiful snow cave
As we place our flowers on it's watery grave