Thursday, March 16, 2006

Our Beautiful Snow Cave

Sat in that room I found myself spare
Nothing to say but much to declare
Snowed in by the elements that we had born
To prevent our selves from travellin on

Many a cold night the powder did fall
Deeper and deeper as I recall
On that snowy land we all felt quite brave
As we dug ourselves a beautiful cave

Deep inside nothing was real
Except all we felt, all we could feel
Passing through the archways of our mind's
Leaving our children behind

Safe from the world’s harsh hand
Ignoring all that we could not stand
We played till all good sense had gone
In the flickering lights that we had left on

With winter's end came spring's yellow rain
A melting pot, a flowing drain
Leaving us bare to the sun's rays
To sift the wreckage of these reckless days

Now those snowy night have all but gone
And all is said and all is done
How much we loved our beautiful snow cave
As we place our flowers on it's watery grave