Saturday, April 29, 2006

Oh Sweet Purple Puddle

Oh sweet purple puddle
You don’t taste like drugs
But you set straight my muddle
From the vessel of mugs

From my day bed I struggle
Common like the sense
The door is a jar
The sea is a fence

Hence the sneezing is blessed
With sweet purple defence
As I ride on the crest
Of past and present tense

But oh sweet purple majesty
Your drugs are well hid
You stay and play and jest with me
Like illness never did

Friday, April 21, 2006

Flat Fuckin Fizz Bangers

The sink spills furry foam
The stink fills up the home
To drink pills and not your own
Shown in sparkling chrome
We roam this hall

Tall tails, exports of truth
Small-scale increments of youth
Turn tail and short tooth
Uncouth peerless sleuth
Talk booth for soaring wills

Boring bills clawing still
Ignoring chills kill the thrill
Their pills to cure the ill
Full fill trip and spill
Windmill upon the walls

These halls abide the sick
Abode the spare tide is thick
The square side is slick
Kick the whoring hicks
Magic tricks defy the skies

Flies are buzzy around the shit
The fuzzy soaking in the spit
Those busy minds will admit
And knit a fine coloured mitt
Fit for the grim pill