Monday, February 02, 2009

A Beautiful Sunset

I need something to breath
Something to cut through the heat
Because I have come to rely on love

And it's leaving me undressed
Cut down in the wake of an actress
Boiled in the heat of a sunset
I have become heart less

I can not take the time to listen to what I've felt
Distractions are fine
But they are forcing me to melt down inside
The chalise of our love
The sweetness of our love
Purified by the heat of the sunset
On the street when we last met
I have been caught on fire

Listen to me
There is nothing to speak of...


The Tenacious Writer said...

"I can not take the time to listen to what I've felt..."

That's what we do with poetry--we take the time to listen to our internal lives and create something from what we hear.

Simon Lawson said...

You are right. Sometimes we are running and it's only when we stop that we find something to say. This is the first thing I said when I stopped. Thank you for your comment Amy, they are always well recieved.